First planted in 1993 our vineyard  consists of a mix of international varieties and some eclectic emerging varieties. All up we have 430 acres undervine.

Our vineyard is located near Mundulla not far from the South Australian border with Victoria. The warm dry days and very cold nights in the region help our fruit to ripen slowly and steadily, ensuring excellent natural acid retention combined with full varietal characteristics and soft tannin structures.

Over a million years ago this region was once an inland sea. After a series of ice ages the sea contracted, leaving a unique geological profile. The base of the area is limestone formed from the abundant ancient marine life. In addition, layers of terra rossa soil have formed by decomposed limestone with high levels of oxidised iron.

Vintage Diary

2015 Vintage Diary:

Spring rainfall simply didn’t happen this year as the overhead tap was turned off during August. We needed to begin irrigation during September and the dry weather continued right through the growing season, maturity and vintage and resulted in beautiful clean and disease free fruit yet again. Frosts weren’t an issue during spring and flowering went through smoothly and quickly without any adverse weather to affect fruit set.


The mild summer temperatures brought about excellent aromas and flavours in the white varieties and the reds followed suit with Shiraz quality at its expected consistent high standard and in particular the Cabernet Sauvignon quality this year was outstanding. Overall grape quality out of V15 was possibly the best we’ve seen. Certainly we can expect some excellent quality wines from the Wirrega stable coming out of this vintage.

– Jeff Flint, Vineyard Manager

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